Monday, February 1, 2010

No. 5; 02/01

This is a thumbnail for the children's book I mentioned in the first post. It's a dragon. An intimidating one I might add. I'd like to say the image came from my head but I eyeball-copied it from another image. Still looks pretty darn neat though.
Tasia, this would be the dragon/vacuum part...which I'm sure you already gathered.

No. 4; 01/31

Um, here's my backpack...floating in the ocean...I made a sad attempt to draw the blanket it was resting up against, then got lazy and made waves.

Wow...I really better step it up to keep you people interested...

No. 3; 01/30

This lil' number was done on a napkin while I was at work on Saturday. It's one of our cooks, Claudio. He is swell. When I showed him this, he thought I was giving it to him and I had to try and explain why I needed to keep it (for the blog). His English is a bit limited so I probably came off really selfish and napkin-obsessed to him. But, he asked for a "big one" to give to his mom :)

No. 2; 01/29

Ah, the highly anticipated drawing of January 29th is now's my water bottle!! Woooooo! I did this during my Intro to Graphic Design class. The smudging was inevitable but I started to like it so I began to purposely smudge (I live on the edge).

The smudging also led to this...and may I just point out that this was taken with my phone. Excellent quality if I do say so myself.