Thursday, March 4, 2010

No. 17; 03/03

So, uh yeah...haven't been here in a while...

I was walking to class the other day and suddenly thought, "How funny would it be if a pigeon just took a crap right on top of my head right now. Would I wipe it off and continue to class? Would I scurry home crying? Hmm, I'd probably just scurry home. And not go to class at all..." These are the sorts of things I think about while walking to school. Really. Who does this? Plus there's a lot of pigeons by my train stop so it's kinda hard to avoid the thought if you ask me...

Anyway, I decided to pair that with my stressing about this blog. I love how I started this as my own side project and I stress about it more than school.

Rob, I don't want to hear A WORD about this drawing from you. Not A WORD.


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