Thursday, January 28, 2010

No. 1; 01/28...First daily drawing!! Check it out!

My sister and I have plans to write and illustrate a children's book (and wear pantsuits when we become rich and famous, but that's dreamin big). I probably should never have announced that we are trying to do that, because now we never will :) Anyway, a lot of these drawings may be thumbnails for that. So if you see a fro-like little boy like the one here, it is probably the main character of our book.


  1. the fro-hair boy should have a super chubby little brother and a big sister with a permanent frown on her face... just a thought:)

  2. i have to comment on the fact that the flippers are overlapping...but im sure you did that purposely, right? ;)

    im interested to see where the one a day drawing takes you.

  3. i do give a crap about what u do - and i'm very proud of you - pops