Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pre-blog Drawings

Here's a few drawings I did for my Drawing 1 class with Julian Williams during my first year at Columbia.These were for a fabric and reflective object series. I found reflective objects surprisingly hard to draw.

Here are a few I did the other night at a figure drawing class held by Jeffrey Baumgartner and Diann Squiers in the Flat Iron Building. It was really nice to do something outside of Columbia that was drawing-related. We had a nude model for the class and a lot of the sketches are unfinished (they were timed poses and I draw slooooow). My apologies for a missing head, hand, foot, etc.

These here are my Terminator series (all 3 of them). I'd still love to add to it. I had plans to do Oprah, a storm trooper, Harry Potter and more. But these little babies take me HOURS to do and lots of patience. Sooo...yeah...don't count on it.

Here are a few randoms...the first one is supposed to be James Dean, not Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. Ah hell, call it what you want.

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